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About Tag.bio:

Tag.bio is a data analytics platform for healthcare and life sciences. It combines diverse data sets, smart APIs, and statistical and machine learning algorithms into decentralized data products within a data mesh architecture. Researchers can use its point and click system to instantly perform analysis and share versioned, reproducible results.

About Tag.bio Platform:

Tag.bio platform combines a dynamic cohort builder with analysis protocols and applications to match complex analysis workflows. Applications within data products are fully customizable via R and Python plugins, and the platform supports notebook-based developer environments with individual workspaces.

Join us for a talk/demo session on the Tag.bio data science platform and learn how major pharma industries and university health systems are using this technology to promote value-based, precision healthcare, find cures for disease, and promote collaboration (without explicitly moving data around). The talk also outlines Tag.bio secure data exchange features for real world evidence datasets, privacy-centric data products (confidential computing) as well as integration with AWS services such as Amazon HealthLake and SageMaker.



AWS Tech Talks for NIH are hosted by the NIH STRIDES Initiative.




  • Introduction to Tag.bio
  • Data products: harmonized, decentralized application layer on top of data sources
  • Data mesh architecture
  • Data science and Tag.bio's Developer Studio
  • Clinical trials and value-based healthcare studies
  • Tag.bio: NIH STRIDES Marketplace, RWE/RWD data products and exchange.
  • Get started: TCGA Pan-Cancer Atlas dataset to perform UMAP clustering, gene expression signature and mutation analysis within minutes
  • Demo of Tag.bio's Analysis Platform, Developer Studio and AI/ML interfaces.
  • Q&A

Our speakers:


Sanjay Padhi, PhD

Executive Vice President,
Chief Technologist at Tag.bio

Dr. Padhi is a distinguished scientist and has led various scientific and computational projects at CERN and Brookhaven National Lab, and has spent the last five years at Amazon Web Services (AWS) as their Head of AWS Research. He’s now joined Tag.bio as Chief Technologist and Executive Vice President.


Mark Mooney, PhD

VP of Customer at Tag.bio

Mark started as a developmental biologist working on transcription factors controlling flower shape and color. Then came to America and worked at Berkeley and Stanford on genes no one but maize-people really care about. He moved from Academia to Industry just as the human genome was published and since then he has worked for a number of genomics related companies ranging from startups to global pharma. Most recently he worked at Thermofisher on FDA approved diagnostic sequencing, DNAnexus on cloud genomics and now at Tag.bio on “question to answer” analytics. If there is a thread to his career, then it has been to work on software products that make the ever-increasing, volume, and variety of data manageable and analyzable by scientists.

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