Transform Your Data Experience

Talk given by Tag.bio's VP of Customer, Mark Mooney, at NextGen Omics Virtual Conference 2020


  • Our approach to data analysis (clip starts at 1:00)
  • How our customers use Tag.bio (clip starts at 12:15):
    • Life sciences examples (clip starts at 12:15)
    • Healthcare example (clip starts at 16:05)
  • Platform demo on how you can run different types of analyses on different datasets (clip starts at 17:50):
    • TCGA/Immune Landscape dataset DNA mutation (clip starts at 22:20)
    • TCGA/Immune Landscape sample clustering (clip starts at 32:55)
    • Single-cell analysis (clip starts at 38:00)
    • History, sharing, and collaboration (clip starts at 43:25)
  • And last but not least, how to get in touch (clip starts at 45:50)


Our speaker:
Mark Mooney

Mark Mooney, Ph.D.

VP of Customer at Tag.bio